How Do I Get Rid Of Broken Capillaries

Skincare Tips
19 Sep 2019

Broken capillaries may be harder to love for some because once you have them, they don’t go away. The bad news is they don’t disappear with the use of skin care products.

Broken Capillaries are the little red blood vessels found in different parts of the face (commonly on the nose, cheeks, and chin).

Causes of broken capillaries

Dry skin/ mature skin are usually much more delicate and more fragile which makes them prone to broken capillaries which appear as a small bundle of thin, wavy lines, especially around the nose and cheeks.

An external stimulant, for instance aggressive extractions from a facial will cause the capillary to rupture.

When you are dealing with broken blood vessels on your face, try not to aggravate them further by using harsh scrubs on the skin, lay off the super-hot water to wash, and avoid steam facials, which dilate blood vessels.

There are also different types of broken capillaries, adds celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, “Capillaries come in two colors: red and blue. The red-colored ones are arterial capillaries, where the blood is oxygenated and comes from the heart to the skin. These are easier to treat and prevent, as well as get rid of. The blue in color are venous capillaries going back to the heart. These often times can be deeper in the skin and are harder to treat.” (full story here)

Although visible broken capillaries are hard to remove, celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau adds that there are helpful tips to prevent the formation of new ones.

-Use calming ingredients such as chamomile, azulene, and white tea which helps cool and comfort the skin. An added bonus is they usually come with anti-inflammatory properties.

-Refrigerate your skin care products. The cool temperature not only help preserve the products’ shelf life but also soothe redness on the skin.

-Remember to moisturize because when your skin is dry, it is easily irritated. With moisturizer to lock the moisture in the skin, you are one step closer to healthy, glowing skin.

-Wash with only cool or lukewarm water. Hot water speeds up blood flow causing redness in the skin.

-Cool compress on the site of the broken capillaries will aid in constricting the blood vessels.

We recommend booking an appointment with a dermatologist to determine which option is best for you, based on the severity of your condition.