3 Things to Avoid before a Facial

Skincare Tips
19 Sep 2019

While we know what to prepare for our first facial like knowing our skincare products and share our skincare concerns with the Skincare Consultant, it is also good for us to know what should we avoid before going for a facial. Here are 3 things to avoid if you are going for a facial with one-two days’ time:

Exfoliate the day before:Exfoliation can cause your skin to be more sensitive especially when there are ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid. This can cause unexpected facial reactions when the ingredients used in the facial treatments reacts with the chemicals/ingredients in the exfoliation products and are still present in your skin. It is advisable to go gentle on your skin and use gentle products few days before your facial. Avoid squeezing your blackheads or pimples too as it may cause inflammation during and after your facial treatment.

Get a Sun Tan the day before:
When your skin received too much sun exposure, it can become dehydrated and sensitive with the sun burns. Going for facials immediately after a sun burn can cause your skin to react especially to active ingredients found in acne-clearing or anti-aging treatments. If you had a long day under the sun prior to your facial treatment, you may wish to postpone the facial for a more comfortable experience for the skin and you can expect better results.

Consume Excess Alcohol or Caffeine: High consumption of these two beverages can cause skin to be hydrated and may not be good for your skin just before the facial. For some of us, too much alcohol can also cause signs of rosacea (skin redness or flushing) and broken capillaries to appear, heightening the skin’s sensitivity before the facial treatment. Leave the drinks to few days after the facial treatment if you want to see optimal facial results.