Why do I have larges pores?!

19 Sep 2019

Do you often wonder why you have larger pores than your friends? There are 3 main causes for large pores and here’s how you can fight against them and minimise your pores.

1: Oils and impurities

Think of pores as a gateway to your skin. When oil and dirt clogs the gateway so much so that it causes the opening to expand. This is why some pores appear bigger and more noticeable. What you can do to minimise this issue, is by exfoliating regularly. This step in your skincare routine will ensure your pores stay clean and tight after removing the dead skin cells. With less sludge to clog your pores, the opening will appear smaller.

2: Aging and sun damage

Sun damage in an especially sunny place like Singapore, can be quite a formidable foe when it comes to having small pores. On top of that, we all go through the unfortunate but inevitable process called aging. As we grow older, our skin produces less collagen. Hence, our skin becomes less elastic, supple, or firm. The sun’s damage on our skin amplifies the damage caused by aging. This leads to a greater loss of suppleness and larger pores. Find a green tea skincare product, or products with willow bark and tea tree oil, to reduce oiliness and control pore size.

3: Gender and genetics

The fact is men (and women undergoing hormonal changes) generally have more visible pores than (normal) women. Some people, unfortunately, are just unlucky enough to be genetically predisposed to inherit large pores. Skin types also play a key role in affecting your chances of having large pores (naturally). People with oily skin ten to create more sebum, thus increasing the chances of clogging and enlarging their pores. Try applying pore refining serums that are formulated to control the pore size. This serum should be non-oily and astringent in nature. The skin is more refined and smoother, with pores visibly smaller with regular use of such serums.

Living in sunny Singapore, the fight against large pores will never cease. Upgrade your skincare routine for a more beautiful skin today!