What acne on different part of your face means

19 Sep 2019

Ever tried foot massages? Similar to reflexology, it’s common knowledge that each part of the face has a connection to an internal area of the body. So-to know if your internal organs are functioning healthily or not, just look at the area where acne appears.

When it comes to pinpointing the area where acne appears, below are the common specific area where acne-prone customers tend to break out more often. We have put together a simple face map to indicate the internal imbalances of the body.


If you are plagued by acne on the forehead area, you may want to pay attention to your digestive system as well as bladder. Trust us when we say you need to pay more attention to your forehead right after your chubby cheeks because it is constantly exposed to the sun and dryness (due to frequent wiping of our sweat), and oil/dust from our hair can also get onto the face.

To help tackle this problem, try drinking more water and consuming more fiber-rich food that can help banish toxins in our body. By exercising regularly helps too!

Between eyebrows

The space between the eyebrows is linked to the liver. It is a sign of over-indulging in rich or processed food, so try to reduce your intake on them and stick to fresh, home cooked meals. Reduce alcohol Intake will also help diminish the between-the-brow acne and also brighten your skin. Try doing a bit of detox and drink more water.


Acne targeting the cheeks are associated with the lungs and the cause of it is mainly poor lifestyle choices and is likely to happen to people who are often down with regular cold.

But let’s say- you are healthy and cold-free, your phone screen could be the culprit behind your blemish problems. Studies have revealed our phone screen supposedly harbors more bacteria than a toilet seat. Check out our caring tip for keeping your phone (and face) bacteria-free.

Apart from that, smoking and/or allergies can be a major culprit depending on your lifestyle and diet! On a side note, acne and redness found on the cheeks could be a sign of Rosacea. See here for more information on Rosacea and the available treatment we offer to keep Rosacea under control.

Solutions to combat this is to increase our intake of green leafy vegetables and wheatgrass (If you’re one who doesn’t eat greens much, go for the juice kind). Reducing your meat and dairy consumption could also help improve the problem area.

Chin and Jawline

Acne found on the lower half of your face (chin and jawline) is usually linked to hormonal changes.

For the ladies, acne here is likely to crop up during the time of the month or linked to medication, illness, and/or pregnancy. In other cases, an adult with acne on the lower half of the face maybe be caused by underlying medical conditions.

The exact recovery time for hormonal acne varies across individuals and we suggest a talk with your dermatologist for a solution. In addition, have sufficient rest, relaxation, and water to restore any imbalances.

If you are looking to treat your acne, we have a wide array of facials capable of solving all acne problems. From prevention to treatment, our robust suite of solutions will solve any stubborn acne that gets in the way.