Tricks to re-affirm drooping cheeks

Skincare Tips
19 Sep 2019

As we age, our skin gradually loses its elasticity. Here are tips to have a natural face lift without experiencing any painful needles and surgery.

Facial exercises
Massage the face with natural oil such as Argan oil, Tea tree and many others to help improve blood circulation.

Sufficient rest
Avoid work when is time to rest. When there is insufficient rest, your skin will reflect it immediately.

Ice therapy is one of the hottest beauty trend and method to keep your face muscles firm. Simply put an ice on a clean damp cloth and have the cold temperature pass through your face. This will help stimulate circulation.

Facial mask that are chilled and then placed on the face have a similar effect on the skin as ice does. On top of that, mask usually contains certain amount of antioxidants and well-formula ingredients that will help to tighten and moisturized skin.