My saviour, partner & teacher – Caring Skin

25 Oct 2023
My saviour, partner & teacher – Caring Skin

Vanessa, 35, Yoga

“I learnt how to walk with Caring Skin and now I am running with Caring Skin.”


What are the skin concerns that you have?

“Definitely sensitive skin and dry skin. Acne which is now cleared (which CaringSkin was my best friend throughout the journey!) and of course with age – losing elasticity is now my no 2 concern!”

Do share with us the struggles you faced when trying to find solutions

“Face spa shopping”!! Being new to the country, I was tempted to try as many beauticians and skin clinics as possible – this was TERRIBLE for my skin. Not only did it make my acne worse but for the “good ones”, you can’t really see the result. “

What solutions have you tried that didn’t work?

“I also tried home treatment – my mum’s famous detox “green bean” soup (without sugar!) —> nothing worked. And I was NOT patient – looking for quick results (and there were none)…”

Solution and progression

What finally did work? And how did you come about trying it?

“CaringSkin – my saviour, my partner, my teacher. The aestheticians at CS know what they are doing and they specialise in sensitive and acne skin which is key! They convinced me for now desiring a quick result but to be patient and to observe progress – this is an eye-opening statement which I followed. The treatments (in terms of procedure) and the products they use and recommended helped me. I finally cleared my skin in 12 months – yup, it was long but totally worth it. Don’t run before you can walk – I learnt how to walk with CS and now I am running with CS”

What’s your skin like now? What’s your routine?

“Home care is SOOO IMPORTANT!! I have a 6 steps routine both morning and night, and a facial every 4 – 5 weeks. Eat healthy – whole foods and reduce that devil MSG!!”


Could you share with us your experience at Caring Skin?

“100% – who wouldn’t! Not only is the space a sanctuary – the services, cleanliness and beauticians are top notch! CS is knowledgeable and the customised program will have your best interests in mind. CS does not hard-sell which means that you can actually “relax” in the treatment room without listening to sales pitches!”

Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not? Have any tips?

“Absolutely! for all of the above reasons. imagine a “mini-staycation” with glowing skin afterwards!! Tips – book early! Find an aesthetician you are comfortable with and someone that understands you – this is so important! Pay attention to the way they touch your skin, the massages and the little details – everyone is different so to get the best out of CS, you have to pick one that knows you well!”