It felt like a miracle to me

06 Jan 2024
It felt like a miracle to me

Eka, 37

“3 sessions in, I saw the difference in my skin. It felt like a miracle to me.”

Watch Eka’s success story here.


What were the main challenges or concerns you faced with your skin?

I had big cystic acne all around my hairline. No matter what I did, the acne did not get any smaller or better.

Solution & Progression

How did you hear about Caring Skin, and what made you decide to choose us for your treatment? 

I get to know Caring Skin from my sister who was also going for facial treatment here. I saw the improvement in my sister’s skin and she raved about how gentle the therapists were.

How was the treatment process? Were the staff attentive and professional?

I love my therapist Claire. She was really patient with the condition of my skin. She adapted the treatment to my skin condition accordingly. She is definitely professional, experienced and knowledgable.

How long did it take to see noticeable improvements in your skin?

After 3 sessions only, I saw a big difference in my skin. My acne started to disappear, and better yet, my hormones was under control, I stopped getting new cystic acne.

What do you like most about the results?

I don’t get new pimples often now, maybe only one or two pimples when it’s that period of the month. My scars have also lightened.


How would you describe your overall experience with Caring Skin?

I’ve been to so many different facial places and I truly feel that Caring Skin is the best.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your journey with Caring Skin?

Everyone at Caring Skin, especially my esthetician, Claire, made me feel very welcomed and relaxed as if I’m treated like a special celebrity. They give the same service to everyone, no matter who their customers are.