Four delicious smoothie recipes for healthier skin!

Skincare Tips
19 Sep 2019

The road to having a perfect skin doesn’t always have to be as tedious as a 10-step skincare routine. Diet is an easy, effortless way to supplement nutrients to your face and body. This week, we were thinking of introducing smoothie recipes for better skin.

For hydration

Avocado is great for the skin as it has monounsaturated fatty acids that are essential in maintaining the moisture levels of your skin. On top of that, the pineapple in this smoothie will protect your skin from free-radical damage. The coconut water will provide the intense hydration that your skin needs.

For radiance

This smoothie is loaded with vitamins C and E from kiwis that helps to brighten the skin and also speed up cell regeneration for a more luminous flow. Bananas add that vitamin A that lightens dark spots and evens out skin tone. The orange juice adds the extra dose of antioxidants to provide the finishing touch to our radiant smoothie.

For breakouts and inflammation

Not only is this smoothie delicious, the anti-inflammatory agents in these berries help to alleviate flare-ups and keep acne at bay.

For anti-aging

This vegetable-fruit smoothie is a super anti-aging life saver. The spinach strengthens skin tissue and evens out our wrinkles. They also help to delay the aging process by protecting our skin from environmental damage. The vitamin K in this leafy green also reduces dark circles! Night owls, rejoice! The apples in this smoothie provides your skin with vitamin C while the lemon juice will brighten dull skin and help aid collagen production.

Now that we have introduced a few smoothies for various skin needs, why don’t we have a delicious skin-protecting smoothie week?

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