Food that keeps our hormones happy

19 Sep 2019

We blame hormones for various reasons- mood swings, weight gain, cravings, skin issues such as acne, inflammation, and every negative aspect of our life. Frankly, deep down you are in control of how your hormones operate, so more or less, it is actually our responsibility to keep them happy. To help us manage our hormones, healthy fats(yes, you’re reading it right-FATS) are crucial elements for hormone management according to source Mind Body Green.

Here’s why: Hormones are produced using certain fatty acids and cholesterol, so if it is lacking in nutrients, it needs to produce them. That’s when hormone-related problems may arise.

We all know keeping hormones balanced isn’t all about aimless attempts to eat healthily. So what should we eat for hormonal balance? Here’s a list where u can consume more and find them easily at your neighborhood supermarket.

Quinoa is packed with protein, magnesium, and phosphorus, and it contains hormone-stabilizing element. The bonus is that this grain helps prevent a domino effect where elevated blood sugar triggers higher insulin and, in turn, higher androgen (testosterone) levels. (Note: Increase testosterone level can result in acne, increased facial and body hair and scalp hair thinning etc.)

Studies have proven that eating almonds shrinks levels of “male” hormones like testosterone that can make your skin look drier and thinner. “Eleven almonds a day [one serving size] or more is a great addition to your diet,” said New York City-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD.

Avocados and other good fats such as coconut oil and olive oil contain healthy levels of cholesterol, a key component is hormone production. It enables skin to release and circulate the hormones it needs so it can stay healthy.

Apparently salmon is a hormone helper too! Similar to avocado, salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids which are a core building block in both cholesterol and hormone production. On top of it, it’s anti-inflammation properties can help calm skin irritation like acne and eczema. Jaliman recommends a good 113 grams serving of salmon twice a week to get achieved its benefits.

And not forgetting your vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, and brussels sprouts. Dark leafy greens contain the natural compounds sulforaphane and indole-3 carbinol, which improve your liver’s ability to metabolize estrogen. Estrogen is good for our body because it increases collagen, which keeps your skin firm and taut, and bumps up blood supply to the skin, so it can repair itself quickly. “As estrogen levels decrease, everything shrinks and pulls in,” according to Diana Bitner, MD, medical director of Midlife and Menopause Health Services at Spectrum Health Medical Group in Grand Rapids, MI.