Are you drinking detox water (fruits infused water)?

Skincare Tips
19 Sep 2019

As our society becomes more health conscious, we should also be more careful with what we put into our bodies. One of the more popular trends is the consumption of detox water. However, is it really healthier than regular water? Let’s find out.

According to Dr. Arturo Olivera, a gastroenterologist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, he believes that majority of the health benefits that are attributed to detox water actually comes from the water itself.

So what is detox water? It is fruit/vegetable/herb infused water. Some claim that detox water has health benefits like weight loss, toxin removal, better digestive function, better immune system, and increased energy levels. To add on, detox water has very few calories as it is infused with the ingredients, different from blending or juicing. The misconception then is that drinking detox water will automatically result in (visible) weight loss. Dr. Olivera emphasizes that eating healthy and getting enough exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy weight. He also adds that drinking detox water can potentially help with weight loss, but only by replacing drinks that are high in sugar and calories. However, a healthy diet and regular exercise is still very much needed for an effective, sustainable weight loss.

Dr. Olivera believes that with the increase in the consumption of water (detox or regular), it will help with the digestive system as water helps food pass through the gut, preventing constipation.

However, unlike blending or juicing, the nutrients from detox water is actually rather minimal and highly inconsistent. Dr. Olivera actually recommends the intake of fruits and vegetables in their whole form as they provide the most nutrients as compared to detox water.

While the sustainability of health benefits from detox water is still largely debatable, it is still a much healthier choice to sugar loaded drinks. If regular water isn’t your thing, perhaps try fruit-infused water (or detox water) for a change.