5 Dry Skin Myths Revealed!

19 Sep 2019

Think you know some facts about dry skin? Here are some 5 myths about dry skin:

Dry skin is only a winter thing

False. Even air conditioning in Summer can cause dry skin. Also, did you know that sun exposure and the salt water and chlorine from swimming in the sea or in a pool also causes to tighter, drier skin? Just a simple reminder that no matter the weather or season, always hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate!

False! Truly dry skin happens when the skin’s barrier malfunctions, thus the skin loses moisture more easily/quickly. This is why only drinking more water will not be of much help to your dry skin problem.

However, taking in 2 litres of water (be it water, or other sources of water like fruits) will help the skin maintain their more important functions. You’ll still need moisturizers and other hydrating lotions to boost the hydrating effect.

2) Slab on more heavy duty moisturizer

Dehydrated skin can actually cause more breakouts and clogging of pores than dry skin. Rather than applying moisturizers that actively support the function of the skin’s barrier, what you really need is a moisturizer that acts like the skin’s natural oil. Add that on with your consumption of water, your skin should be less greasy when applying moisturizers.

3) Your skin just needs more oil

If you’re still a beginner at figuring out whether your skin needs more water or oil, then try applying moisturizer in the morning and facial oil at night. What your skin needs, is balance. When the balance is off, your skin becomes more greasy or dry, depending on your skin condition.

4) Exfoliating dry skin is a big no no
exfoliation beads

False. Exfoliation helps with removing the impurities that may still be clogged in your pores. Rather than not exfoliating at all, use a gentler exfoliating cream/cleanser to remove any impurities so that the other skincare products you use after washing your face can be absorbed more easily.

If you are still unsure about how to care for your dry skin, try Caring Skin’s Hyamax Hydrator by applying onto dry or irritated skin to help guard against moisture loss and to provide long-lasting hydration without a greasy feel.

If you need a gentle exfoliator to remove impurities and dead skin cells, try Luminous Skin Refiner that helps to remove dead skin cells and so other products can be absorbed into the skin.

If you’re still feeling unsure or confused, come talk to the skin advisors here at Caring Skin today, simply by calling us at 6737 7797, or email us at discover@staging.caringskin.com.sg

We are always striving to help you achieve your skin goals, so don’t hesitate to ask!