3 Frequently Asked Questions about Sensitive Skin

Today we would like to address 3 frequently asked questions revolving around sensitive skin and taking good care of our skin. Through our experiences in dealing with our customer’s skin conditions especially skin sensitivity, we faced similar questions posed by them from time to time and sharing these information with all of you may be able to help you understand your skin a little better.

Do what I eat affect my sensitive skin condition?

Yes, it does. At Caring Skin, this is usually one of the first few questions we ask our new customers when they come for their first time free consultation. Diet does make a difference to your skin condition. When you don’t eat well or enough, your body will not only react in fatigue and sluggishness, your skin will clearly show as well in terms of dullness and unevenness of skin tone. Too high intake of sugar or fried food will naturally invite little pimply friends to camp all over your face and increasing your skin’s sensitivity. But this is not to say that someone facing problems with their sensitive skin means they are solely not eating well, part of it could stem from hormonal imbalance issues.

Call us motherly but this is why we will work with each of our customers and keep track of their diets for at least the first 7 days after their first appointment. This will help us to understand their lifestyle habits and share with them what’s working for their skin and what’s not.

Will forgetting to remove my make up cause skin sensitivity?

Yes, it will. Make-up products are made of chemicals and ingredients that are not meant to penetrate your skin like a moisturizer but to just sit on top of it. Not removing your make up completely after a whole day in it will not only cause your pores to be congested, it will also enlarge them too as it absorbs the foundation since it is sitting on your face all day long. And because your skin is not receiving as much oxygen as it should, you will find your skin becoming drier and parched. This can definitely lead to increased skin sensitivity. We will usually encourage our customers to go make-up free; regular facials and quality facial products like Dr Renaud’s can keep your skin happy and it is indeed possible to go out with your face naked.

Does skipping sunscreen at times increase my skin’s sensitivity?

Yes, it does. With global warming on the rise, the risk of getting skin cancer is also getting higher. UV radiation from the sun can hit earth’s surface even on a cloudy day. Not just for the skin’s sake but your health’s, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen daily in your skincare routine and if you happen to be outdoors the whole day, do apply it every two to three hours. Nowadays, there are many daily moisturizers or BB creams that come sunscreen protection so there’s no excuse in not applying. If you did not know, application of sunscreens does prevent your skin from aging early and it can also protect your skin from increased sensitivity. If sunscreen is not in your skincare routine today, we will strongly encourage you to do so.

Potential Treatments For Sensitive Skin

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