Giselle Si Mann Lee

“This year I decided to embark on a journey to treat my skin better and really glad I’m doing it with Caring Skin.

Major props (5 stars!!) to my esthetician, Jovelle, who has not only been knowledgeable and patient but also generous in sharing advices. Jovelle goes the extra mile in providing the personal touch, on top of excellent service. She is, in my opinion, the epitome of Caring–case in point: surprise birthday cake for me even though it was only my second visit to Caring Skin. This sweet gesture is enough to know that the people behind Caring really do care for you and your skin.

Special mention also to Karen, my consultant, for always making me feel welcomed and sharing with me on what’s best for my skin.

Aside, my skin is also brighter and feels softer after just two visits. Can’t wait to see further results!”

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