Celesta Chen

I was always afraid of going to facials because they are known to hardsell packages. I decided to visit Caring Skin under the recommendation of my colleague and see what can be done for me.

I’ve not looked back. It’s been a few months since and I saw improvements to my skin! Think troubled areas like redness, sensitivity, enlarged pores and post-acne scarring eeks. I love my asthetician Hui Qing. She gives me the best facials everytime and she always lets me know what she’s doing next even if she’s just leaving the room to wash her hands. I LOVE HER MASSAGES!!! There’s definitely less redness now and much much much more smoother than before.

Special thanks to Merlin for always ensuring I feel comfortable before and after each treatment and constantly checking on my progress, my thoughts to see if things are going well. Thanks Caring Skin!

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