Ava Xueqi

“I am a return customer ever since i had my first treatment back in 2016. They do not hard sell their packages and i really enjoy my treatment. Merlin and Queenie were very patient and friendly throughout the entire session. So far i have not experience any breakout from my treatment (phew)hence i have decided to sign up package with them. Hopefully i will be able to see an improvement in my skin in time to come~ Just one downside is that they do not have a powder room hopefully they will make room for one;)”

Amelia Wong

“I discovered Caring Skin by chance and have just completed my third session with Jovelle. I am very pleased with the results so far. Having spent the last few years overseas, my skin has suffered and prone to pimple outbreaks. It was through Jovelle’s patient and careful explanation that I now know how to take better care of my skin. Kudos to a wonderful team in Caring Skin! Best wishes for the new year ahead! Cheers!”

Ho Wan Ping

“I was having breakouts often and decided to head down to Caring Skin after reading online reviews. So far, I have undergone about 5 Sensitiva and Collagen treatments. I’m glad to say my skin condition has improved (smoother with no more bumps) and I no longer have breakouts. Plus, service is excellent and the cleanliness of the rooms make you feel at ease. Every session with Angeline has been great and I can’t wait to see better results! Thank you!”

Ying Ying Lau

“I came to Caring Skin for my first facial treatment today and found the whole process to be very comfortable. The consultant and aesthetician were very knowledgeable and they shared with me so many tips on how I can better take care of my skin, with so much patience. Thanks for the wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see the results!”

Pei Xuan Shen

“When I first started my treatment with Caring Skin, I was dealing with horrible acne and redness. I was always under the misconception that my face was oily and all along I was using the wrong products. The beauticians at Caring Skin advised me to mosturise my face more and true enough, my acne improved drastically. I want to thank Hui Qing for taking care of most of my treatments. She is really gentle with extractions and she isn’t pushy.”

Ying Xian

“After numerous attempts to find a suitable facial place, I am thankful to be able to discover Caring Skin.

I have finished my third treatment with Oxyvita program. It has reduced the redness and sensitivity of my skin. My family and friends could see the improvement in my face complexion.

For post treatment, my face has not flare up as it usually does.

Thank you Caring Skin for your impeccable service and knowledge in skin treatments. Carey for making my first session comfortable and unforgettable. Angeline for her meticulous skills in extraction, ensuring the procedure is painless and my skin is clean thoroughly.

Looking forward to stablise my skin condition and minimising my large pores.”