$98 Astronaut Facial

This award-winning oxygenating treatment harnesses oxygen, deep sea water, customised serum booster and plant-based recovery mask for exceptional healing, skin regeneration and brightening properties. Secure your first trial at $98 (U.P. $298).

$96 Customised Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Caring Skin Duo Hydrogen Treatment

Deep cleanse, moisturize and refine congested, dull skin for clearer, brighter, plumped up skin with Caring Skin’s Customised Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (U.P. $350). Exclusively available at Heartland Mall and Bedok Point outlets.

$88 Triple-Action Eye Treatment

A super effective eye treatment that combines cryogenic technology, eye gua sha technique and botanical extracts to erase dark circles and fine lines. This nourishing treatment also includes antioxidants from red wine extracts for an immediate brightening effect in just 55 minutes!

$98 Sensitive & Acne Skin Facial

Discover the benefits of 90-mins Plant-based Treatment at $98 (U.P. $298) customised for your skin type.