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As we age, our skin gradually loses its elasticity. Here are tips to have a natural face lift without experiencing any painful needles and surgery. Facial exercises Massage the face with natural oil such as Argan oil, Tea tree and many others to help improve blood circulation. Sufficient rest Avoid work when is time to […]


When living in Singapore, there’s no good excuse not to wear sunscreen every day. Yes, even when it’s cloudy, you have dark complexion and if you are going to stay indoors. Still people keep looking for excuses not to apply them. Most of us already know the basic sunscreen tips (E.g. re-applying sunscreen every 40 […]


It is important to understand every individual has different skin concerns and needs, and what works for one skin type isn’t necessarily suitable for others. When it comes to understanding the skin, expertise and experience is crucial in identifying the right treatment. That’s why Caring Skin provides the best response to all your skin concerns. […]



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