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Being a woman these days is tough. Assuming many roles and responsibilities in our daily lives has shaped us into a capable multi-tasker and perhaps, sometimes a too good one at that till we forgot the most important person we have to take care – Ourselves. Living in a fast-paced society where you are either […]


Regardless of the possibility that you’re eating right, getting sufficient rest and a touch of physical activity, those breakouts, enlarge pores, blackheads etc can be super annoying. Nothing is more disappointing than having a major occasion like a wedding or prospective employee meet-up and dealing with terrible skin. In the event that you are in […]


Do the products you are using now contains Microbeads? Little is known about the products that we routinely use on our face and bodies every day. Usually if a product is sold islandwide. there’s a basic trust that it is safety-friendly but not many will question if it is environmentally-friendly or “health-friendly”. With that said, […]



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