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Recently, the haze situation in Singapore has affected many in terms of health. Irritation to the eye and throat is usually the first few health issues that will appear and some may suffer more serious conditions like breathlessness or asthma attacks. Besides having to take care of our health within, we also will need to […]


While we know what to prepare for our first facial like knowing our skincare products and share our skincare concerns with the Skincare Consultant, it is also good for us to know what should we avoid before going for a facial. Here are 3 things to avoid if you are going for a facial with […]


Being a woman these days is tough. Assuming many roles and responsibilities in our daily lives has shaped us into a capable multi-tasker and perhaps, sometimes a too good one at that till we forgot the most important person we have to take care – Ourselves. Living in a fast-paced society where you are either […]



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