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We’ve all heard of the old adage ‘sharing is caring’ and truly, something worth sharing is worth sharing right? At Caring Skin, we are a firm believer in kindness and sharing with others. As a facial spa that specialises in acne and sensitive skin, we are committed to sharing our skincare expertise with people who […]


You are what you eat. This phrase is true to a certain extent. Good nutrition is important for your general wellbeing in order to have a healthy body. But, do you know that certain foods can affect your skin health and cause skin irritation too? Besides getting the right facial treatments and using the correct […]


“I have been going for facials over at Caring Skin ever since I had a major acne breakout due to a laser treatment. What I love about them is that they analyze my skin thoroughly and identify the root of the problem so that the treatments are best fit for my skin. Their skilled, professional […]



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