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When Egyptians started an ancient method to exfoliate their skin using wine and tartaric acid as the active agent centuries ago, they were already trendsetters of their time. They knew what they were doing if they wanted to achieve youthful and vibrant looking skin. But why do we exfoliate? Is there really a necessity to? […]


In our current ever-changing world, you can’t help but to adopt the “The only constant thing in life is change” mantra nowadays. Our current lifestyle adapted to the technology-inclined environment, the global warming effect on our Mother Earth and even to the evolving food palette we consume. But what about our skin? Has it also […]


Today we would like to address 3 frequently asked questions revolving around sensitive skin and taking good care of our skin. Through our experiences in dealing with our customer’s skin conditions especially skin sensitivity, we faced similar questions posed by them from time to time and sharing these information with all of you may be […]



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