3 Reasons why you need exfoliation in your routine

When Egyptians started an ancient method to exfoliate their skin using wine and tartaric acid as the active agent centuries ago, they were already trendsetters of their time. They knew what they were doing if they wanted to achieve youthful and vibrant looking skin.

But why do we exfoliate? Is there really a necessity to?

Exfoliation is like the awkward cousin in the skincare routine family, where not everyone acknowledges its importance and unsure if it should be embraced and included.

Here’s 3 reasons why exfoliation is just as important as cleansing your face:

Unclogging the Pores

Imagine this. Wearing the latest fashion, looking hot in your Steve Maddens and when checking yourself out in the mirror, alas! Your face looks like it has a multitude of pores, black and white ones populating all over. Not cool at all and it definitely doesn’t go well with your Steve Maddens. When you do exfoliate, the dirt accumulated in your pores will not only be scrubbed away, your pores will also diminish in size, leaving your skin a vibrant glow.

Improving the Skin Texture

I am not sure about you but I don’t want to look tired all the time or God forbid, like a walking dead especially when I have an important date. Our skin regenerates itself all the time and truth be told, we carry dead skin cells everyday on our body. Exfoliating these dead cells will help our skin renewal process to speed up and when new healthy skin cells appear, voila! No more the walking dead but the gorgeous looking you.

Helping with the Anti-aging

As much as we wish time can stand still like in the movies, it unfortunately doesn’t. As we age, our skin ages as well and it becomes less supple and elastic. It will also become drier, causing lines and wrinkles to easily appear. When you exfoliate, you are clearing away the dead cells accumulated over the years, and your skin has a chance to look radiant, maintaining its luster and shine.

Knowing what exfoliation is about is important but knowing how to exfoliate is even more important. It is not advisable to exfoliate everyday but once a week should be sufficient. Choosing a good exfoliator is important as a wrong one could cause disastrous reactions to your skin.

If you are afraid to try it on your own and want professional help, our MatriCol treatment is highly recommended in exfoliating your skin. It is a skin peel exfoliation, where its unique ingredients like Gluconolactone can be applied even on those with sensitive skin. Gluconolactone has anti-oxidants properties like vitamin C and alpha-Tocopherol and targets at all signs of aging. You can look forward to results like significant reduction of fine lines and improved radiance, leading to a brighter skin glow. And if that’s not enough, we are coupling it with one of the best collagen used in the aesthetic field, where your skin can receive the much needed proteins and keeping it healthy and youthful.

If you have not exfoliate before, try it today and your skin will surely thank you for it!